Increased stress, prioritising diversity and inclusion: New report shows state of HR industry a year on from COVID

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Digital Recruiting Company HireVue has published a new study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australia’s hiring industry.

Why a ‘people plan’ is just as important as a business plan

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Your business needs a people strategy, one that covers the embedding of culture and the projection of your team members’ career pathways…

Let’s Talk: ‘Hire slow, fire fast’

You might have heard the age old adage ‘hire slow, fire fast’ if you’ve worked in business, but is it warranted advice? The concept refers to employers taking their time to hire somebody, and firing employees quickly if it’s not working out. On one hand, waiting to hire somebody means you can take your time… Continue reading Let’s Talk: ‘Hire slow, fire fast’

Let’s talk: Recruitment

Hiring the wrong person, at any stage of business, can be extremely detrimental and costly in a number of ways that aren’t only financial. Of course there are the associated costs with spending time replacing that person, and the on-boarding and re-training of the newbie… and the more times you have to do this to… Continue reading Let’s talk: Recruitment

Make the most of your biggest asset: your middle managers

Middle managers often find the value they bring to an organisation being scrutinised, but recruiting expert Hays says they can be an organisation’s biggest asset – provided they have open and honest career development conversations, are given opportunities to develop their skills and are empowered by senior managers to make change happen. “As the link… Continue reading Make the most of your biggest asset: your middle managers

How to attract, retain and cultivate a new breed of IT professional

By Simon Horrocks, Regional Vice President ANZ, AppDynamics The technology skills gap is impacting Australian organisations across almost every industry, with businesses struggling to find the right talent to drive innovation, whether that be in cloud, data analytics, or other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). According to the Australian Computer Society (ACS), an… Continue reading How to attract, retain and cultivate a new breed of IT professional

What job interviewees are looking for

It’s easy to feel like the odds are stacked against you in an interview. Even the most talented people succumb to nerves and struggle with communicating how capable they are. Although it’s very much the candidate’s job to shine, employers have a big role to play in getting the most out of their prospective employees… Continue reading What job interviewees are looking for