Let’s Talk: “They posted what?!” Should businesses keep an eye on staff social media posts?

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Seeing as public social media platforms are, well… public, does a company have the right to not only keep an eye on what an employee posts, but take action if it’s something they deem offensive or highly disagreeable?

The Aussie Facebook rival app enjoying growth following the news ban debacle

LITT Co-founders Brent Thompson and Peter Salom | Image credit: LITT

Australian community and digital payments hybrid app LITT has experienced a surge in its user base following Facebook’s decision to ban news content in the country last Thursday the 18th of February.

Facebook Australia bans users and publishers from posting and sharing news

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Facebook has made a major move in the back and forth with the Australian Government on the proposed Media Bargaining Law. It’s also a potentially dire step by the social media giant for the many Australian publishers that use the platform.

Let’s Talk: What is the best social media platform for your business?

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What social media platform is best for your business? Go all-out on all of them? Focus on one or two? Paid or organic approach? Let’s talk…

Google and Facebook challenge news bargaining code in Senate inquiry

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Facebook and Google took Australian media head-on in a Senate inquiry by Australia’s competition watchdog on Friday, 22nd January. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) pushed for a new Bill to be passed to force the tech giants to pay news publishers for their content, including any links and snippets hosted on their platforms.… Continue reading Google and Facebook challenge news bargaining code in Senate inquiry