10 tasks you can outsource to boost your productivity

If outsourcing still sounds controversial for you, you’re way behind the global trends of the workforce market. Millions of companies decide to hire outsourcing specialists highly skilled in the necessary fields to help grow their businesses. There are lots of things that the freelance workforce may help you accomplish, we want to highlight what you… Continue reading 10 tasks you can outsource to boost your productivity

The business benefits of an agile workplace

Organisations across every businesses sector are constantly searching for ways to boost staff productivity and lower operational costs. Making more effective use of office space is one way both these goals can be achieved. The need for a re-think stems from the fact that traditional working patterns have changed. This means the office designs of… Continue reading The business benefits of an agile workplace

Getting it right: A healthy work-life balance starts with culture

Fiona Hitchiner, Diversity and Work-Life Specialist at SeventeenHundred

If you’re a business owner who was driven to the start-up scene by the prospect of independence and a better work-life balance, then the question you have to ask yourself is this: would you wish for your own employees – the life-blood of your business – to view entrepreneurialism as the ultimate ‘escape hatch’ from… Continue reading Getting it right: A healthy work-life balance starts with culture

The right way to engage high potential employees

Organisations need strong performers, working smarter and more productively, with competent leadership who will engage and motivate them to meet growth goals. Here are some strategies to keep your high potentials engaged, and with you for a long time.

Need to increase productivity? You must innovate

Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that productivity means working themselves and their employees harder, but putting more pressure on your staff to get more done can actually be counterproductive. When it comes to increasing productivity, what most businesses need is innovation.

Why ‘no worries’ isn’t the way to approach engagement

Australia really is the Lucky Country, but local businesses need to seize the benefits of the boom by supporting innovation, growing their skilled workforces, attracting investment and increasing productivity. All these goals require a workplace where employees are engaged and motivated – but, engagement doesn’t always sit well with our national persona.

Improve sales by taking a coaching approach

Using a sales coach is a proven method of increasing sales and performance as a coach supports staff to reach their goals, or targets, using the GROW model approach. Here’s how to GROW the performance of your sales team.