Letting everyone work from home forever isn’t good for teamwork

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While there are indeed benefits with remote work, making it the ONLY option can be a bad thing to do for most organisations and teams.

Three ways to ensure your employees work safely from home

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When a pandemic effects a revolution, by making remote work common, employers must re-think their approach. They have to answer this question: How do you ensure a safe place of work when that place is an employee’s home?
Here are three practical suggestions.

Let’s Talk: The office vs. working from home?

Working from home is now a viable option for many businesses. So, this far into the pandemic, what do we think? Work office vs. Home? Let’s talk…

Three ways small businesses can combat remote work obstacles

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Since COVID-19, companies such as Twitter, Atlassian, Slack and Facebook have made headlines for letting their staff work remotely “forever.” So far, this policy has seemingly been exclusive to large companies with healthy HR budgets and a penchant for disruption.  But what if remote-first work was more accessible? What if small business owners were empowered… Continue reading Three ways small businesses can combat remote work obstacles