Let’s Talk: Build value and avoid competing on price

Image credit: Randy Fath

Judging how to price your service or product can be challenging, particularly in areas where rivals are pushing competitive prices. So, how do you keep your business out of a pricing competition? Let’s talk…

Oops… my business made a pricing mistake

In my recent article, How to work out what price to charge, I discussed how pricing is one of the most crucial decisions business owners and managers must make, while touching on the eight rules for pricing effectively… But what happens when you get pricing wrong and how do you recover from pricing mistakes? In this… Continue reading Oops… my business made a pricing mistake

Financial literacy, not gut feelings, key to female founders scaling past the $1m mark

Tanya Titman, founder of Acceler8 Academy

Women have ‘boundless potential’ to lead multi-million dollar businesses but many are being held back by a lack of financial literacy, says Tanya Titman, the founder of Acceler8 Academy, a growth program for female-led SMEs, and Consolid8, Xero’s 2016 Accounting Partner of the Year.  Having assisted over 200 female founders to scale their businesses through… Continue reading Financial literacy, not gut feelings, key to female founders scaling past the $1m mark

Why you should discount discounting

For many years, price discounting has formed the marketing plan of countless businesses. But it is increasingly becoming a tactic that polarises marketers, as many believe it’s an ineffective promotion vehicle. Here are 4 reasons you should discount discounting.

Differentiating your business

Brad Callaughan blogs about creating a point of difference between you and your competitors.

“It could be that you promise to deliver your product or service more quickly than your competitors. If you wish to differentiate your business on this basis then offer a guarantee, to ensure you deliver.”