The business agendas not included in the federal budget to support economic recovery

Image credit: Jonas Leupe

Whilst spending in the areas of childcare, aged care, disability and mental health featured favourably in the 2021 federal budget, when it comes to economic recovery measures for businesses there were notable exclusions.

Let’s Talk: Build value and avoid competing on price

Image credit: Randy Fath

Judging how to price your service or product can be challenging, particularly in areas where rivals are pushing competitive prices. So, how do you keep your business out of a pricing competition? Let’s talk…

Let’s Talk: Opinion on the government’s stimulus packages

During the crisis, the government has unveiled many stimulus packages to support businesses and sustain the economy, including the JobKeeper payment, the early release of superannuation and the halting of property evictions.  In dealing with this highly unprecedented event of a pandemic, the Australian government has had to quickly guide all states and territories through potential economy failure and… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Opinion on the government’s stimulus packages

T2 founder Maryanne Shearer: “COVID-19 is an opportunity to recalibrate”

T2 founder Maryanne Shearer

T2 founder Maryanne Shearer, as well as Mash founder Tash Menon and Career CEO founder Andrea Clarke, see the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to ‘recalibrate,’ transform and reignite their business passion. COVID-19 and the subsequent economic crisis is a “slap in the face reminder to do what you’re passionate about and what you’re good… Continue reading T2 founder Maryanne Shearer: “COVID-19 is an opportunity to recalibrate”

Let’s Talk: Business meetings

Business meetings: face-to-face versus digital, where is the real value?  In a digital world, with so many digital meeting platforms available and with many new digital consumer experiences emerging,  it’s easy to see why this question is so relevant right now. There is arguably no longer a need to meet face-to-face or to be in the same… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Business meetings