Should your organisation be implementing gamification?

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Today, 97% of Fortune 500 countries use game-based learning in the workplace to level up employee engagement. Incorporating games in the workplace can breathe new life into company meetings, and enhance the workplace culture and employee experience.

Conquering chaos: The importance of communication & collaboration in a home/office hybrid workplace

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As the pandemic continues to change how businesses manage staff, it’s clear that communication and collaboration are imperative for success…

5 ways to improve retention of millennial employees in your business

Loyalty and engagement aren’t necessarily easy to foster in millennial employees. But with the right approach, any manager can make the workplace a better environment for their staff. Many things affect how successful your business is and how quickly it grows. There are your marketing and sales strategies, the clientele you target, your choice of… Continue reading 5 ways to improve retention of millennial employees in your business

How to take the stress out of a performance appraisal

Performance appraisals offer significant benefits to a business by ensuring that each employee’s performance is contributing to meeting business goals and introduces a culture of responsibility, accountability and empowerment.