‘When COVID hit, I bought out my competition’: SpeedFit CEO on acquiring rival during the pandemic

Matej Vaharlike, Speedfit CEO and Co-Founder | Image provided

“Out of a global pandemic came an unusual opportunity and we took it.”

3 mind hacks to help you build your dream business

Image credit: Joshua Earle

Here are three steps to building your dream business: shifting your mindset, aligning your goals and implementing simple strategies. Read on…

How to keep business costs down, while still achieving your strategic goals

Image credit: Riccardo Annandale

Making cuts to costs that are too deep can impact employee and customer satisfaction. Don’t cut costs enough, it can embed inefficiencies into the business or threaten viability. So…

Nine books to see SME owners through Xmas

With holiday season upon us, there’s no better time than now to get stuck into a few books. To see you through Christmas, and leave you ready to take on 2017, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite books. Not all of these books are strictly business-related, but all are instructive in their own way. Without further ado… 1)      Connect by John Browne. Drawing from… Continue reading Nine books to see SME owners through Xmas

The Melbourne start-up that’s challenging Facebook

A Melbourne based technology start-up that leverages the power of emotional reactions and interaction is experiencing explosive global growth. Vent, an online platform that allows users to express their feelings and connect with people, has already raised over $500k in investment since launching in August 2014. Vent has acquired 1 million global users and expects… Continue reading The Melbourne start-up that’s challenging Facebook

The key to innovation for SMEs

For many SMEs, the question around innovation isn’t if or when, but how. Andrew Pearce Partner at McLean Delmo Bentleys, provides tips for SMEs looking to innovate within their business.  Most SMEs are keen to ensure their business not only stays relevant but it thrives in an ever-changing, digitally- driven environment. In fact, almost a… Continue reading The key to innovation for SMEs

Necessity, the mother of invention

Most entrepreneurs speak of moments of inspiration when asked why they started their business but for Dominic Cain, it was desperation not inspiration that sowed the seeds of his success. Working in a kitchen, Dominic made numerous attempts to source particular ingredients or supplies to later concede that his efforts were futile. Confident there would… Continue reading Necessity, the mother of invention

Entrepreneur shares her space and her story

For Sunshine Coast writer, Celeste Mitchell, starting a new business was far from the mind. Celeste shares her story with Dynamic Business reminding us all that opportunities can be found when they are least expected, and should be pursued. The flexibility offered by freelance work attracts many in an environment technologically equipped for work just… Continue reading Entrepreneur shares her space and her story

Karen Gee: Fashioning success and inspiring entrepreneurs

A mother of five and former Mrs Australia Globe, Karen has made a name for herself as not only a successful entrepreneur, taking her self-titled fashion label to towering success in just two short years, but as a philanthropist aiming to instill the drive in others to reach the business success they so desire.