Increased stress, prioritising diversity and inclusion: New report shows state of HR industry a year on from COVID

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Digital Recruiting Company HireVue has published a new study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australia’s hiring industry.

Seven steps to attract and hire the best staff in 2021

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Now is the perfect time for businesses to re-evaluate their hiring processes. Here are tips for any business looking to land top talent…

Let’s Talk: ‘Hire slow, fire fast’

You might have heard the age old adage ‘hire slow, fire fast’ if you’ve worked in business, but is it warranted advice? The concept refers to employers taking their time to hire somebody, and firing employees quickly if it’s not working out. On one hand, waiting to hire somebody means you can take your time… Continue reading Let’s Talk: ‘Hire slow, fire fast’

Let’s talk: Recruitment

Hiring the wrong person, at any stage of business, can be extremely detrimental and costly in a number of ways that aren’t only financial. Of course there are the associated costs with spending time replacing that person, and the on-boarding and re-training of the newbie… and the more times you have to do this to… Continue reading Let’s talk: Recruitment

Three steps to writing job descriptions that work

By Jay Munro, Indeed Employer Insight Strategist, ANZ More than a third of recruiters would rather be spending less time on writing and posting job descriptions, even though on average, only 11% of their day is spent on this task [1]. But when 62% of job seekers say that a job description that fits their… Continue reading Three steps to writing job descriptions that work

Are you making any of these 7 mistakes when hiring payroll staff?

By Tracy Angwin, CEO and payroll expert at Australian Payroll Association Are you looking to hire new payroll people? Payroll staff are an integral part of any organisation, whether it be in a finance or HR capacity. However, the reality is that it’s a specialist set of knowledge and skills that are unique to the… Continue reading Are you making any of these 7 mistakes when hiring payroll staff?

Salary expectations have increased

Compared to just five years ago, jobseekers’ salary expectations are a lot higher 76% of Australian hiring managers say jobseekers are more demanding when it comes to their remuneration package. 58% respectively say jobseekers expect higher base salaries and bonuses than what is being offered. After several years of slow wage growth, independent research commissioned by… Continue reading Salary expectations have increased