Using the end of financial year as an opportunity for future growth

Business planning tends to be done in cycles. A cycle may be a week, a month, a quarter or a year. At the end of every cycle, you have the opportunity to compare your business plan to your actual results. The insights you gain from this are used to plan for the next cycle. Smart… Continue reading Using the end of financial year as an opportunity for future growth

How to get on top of your tax-time obligations

A third of small business owners are still keeping their receipts in a shoebox, according to a new survey. If this sounds familiar, these time-saving tips will help you get ahead in the next financial year.

10 tips for a headache-free EOFY

As the EOFY fast-approaches, business owners are being urged to get their financial paperwork signed, sealed and delivered well before tax-time and reap the rewards over the long-term. Here are 10 tips to get you ready for 30 June.

SMBs prefer cleaning the office fridge to tax reporting

With June 30 closing in, experts warn thousands of business owners may miss out on tax concessions and run of the risk of paying too much tax as EOFY confusion continues to reign.

Five steps to a successful new financial year

It’s just six weeks to June 30, meaning it’s time to make sure you’ve dusted off your business plan and are thinking about how you can shine in FY2013. Here’s how you can prepare for the coming financial year in five steps.