Let’s Talk: Business meetings

Business meetings: face-to-face versus digital, where is the real value?  In a digital world, with so many digital meeting platforms available and with many new digital consumer experiences emerging,  it’s easy to see why this question is so relevant right now. There is arguably no longer a need to meet face-to-face or to be in the same… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Business meetings

5 Management practices on the way out

In my mother’s day, women were expected to quit their jobs when they married. Smoking at your desk and boozy lunches were still the norm. This concept seems crazy to us, and in ten years time, I believe we’ll also look back on our own common practices and ask: “What were we thinking?” The problem is… Continue reading 5 Management practices on the way out

Meetings: how to turn a cost into an asset

Meetings often become a work based social function on company time and at company cost. The thought of socialising with fellow staff and being paid at the same time is sure to keep meetings a popular distraction to lonely work routines. Many companies have a tendency to gravitate toward their objectives by the sheer momentum… Continue reading Meetings: how to turn a cost into an asset

Learn how to run a productive WIP meeting

Being a manager often isn’t easy, nor is finding the time to spend quality time discussing your team’s past, present and future activities with them. Here are some ideas for how to plan and run an efficient work in progress (WIP) meeting.

How to get a handle on business systems and meetings

In a five-part article series, we look at the 10 most common ways small business owners waste valuable time and offer some solutions for combating this damaging behaviour. In the fifth and final installment, we tackle poor business systems and inefficient meetings.

Ladies, here’s how to be heard in meetings

While there is a very public battle going on to get more women on boards and into executive positions, women in businesses across all sectors, be it corporate or SMEs, are still trying to be heard and acknowledged in meetings. Here are some tips for getting your message across, whether at an important board meeting or coffee catch-up with a client.