Let’s talk: Accelerators and incubators

When seeking to join an accelerator or incubator, what must a startup founder consider? There can be huge benefits for startups that join either an accelerator or an incubator. Although they are subtly different, in that an accelerator “accelerates” ideas with seed funding and set time frames and incubators nurture those initial niche ideas, both… Continue reading Let’s talk: Accelerators and incubators

Let’s talk: Late payments

Late payments: Top mistakes small businesses make when dealing with late payers A new report from Xero, the global small business platform, revealed for the first time the magnitude and impact of late payments to Australian small businesses, putting the value of outstanding, late payments at $115 billion a year. The research found that half… Continue reading Let’s talk: Late payments

Let’s Talk: Leadership

This week for our Let’s Talk discussion we ask the experts about leadership, and the one business rule they swear by concerning it. At recent interviews, Dynamic Business has explored the idea that soft skills may be more relevant than ever in the leadership game. The ability to listen as a leader, to empathise and… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Leadership

Let’s talk: Investments

Today we are talking about investing. Specifically, what small-to-medium businesses are choosing to invest in to further expand their success. It can be a tricky thing to invest a big sum of money with confidence, however with the right expertise behind you a good investment can really pay off in the long-term and is arguably an… Continue reading Let’s talk: Investments

Let’s Talk: Business meetings

Business meetings: face-to-face versus digital, where is the real value?  In a digital world, with so many digital meeting platforms available and with many new digital consumer experiences emerging,  it’s easy to see why this question is so relevant right now. There is arguably no longer a need to meet face-to-face or to be in the same… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Business meetings

Let’s Talk: Federal budget

The 2019 federal budget was revealed last week, with many changes indicated for small business, and so we asked leaders in the SME world for their opinions and reactions.   As a recap, the conditional budget saw an increase in the instant asset write-off threshold to $30,000, lower tax rates and an easier tax dispute… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Federal budget