Public relations: The difference between editorial, sponsored content & advertising in your SME marketing strategy

Image credit: Daniele Franchi

Marketing and advertising scream “look at me” and “buy me”. Whereas PR says, “I’m trustworthy, credible and an authority.”

Is virtual window-shopping the first truly measurable advertising billboard?

Ambient advertising is all about placing ads on things (and in places) you wouldn’t normally expect to see an ad. But is there a foolproof way of measuring its ROI? Not really, which is why businesses are turning to interactive window-shopping campaigns.

When is too good to be true, really is too good to be true?

Reckon Limited’s Gerald Chait blogs about what the Australian Consumer Law means for business advertising.

“Some parts of the updated rules are obvious, such as use of the words ‘closing down sale’ – it is clearly misleading to have a closing down sale that lasts for three years. But there are others that are worth keeping in mind when deciding on your advertising campaign.”

Choosing the right translator for your overseas campaign

Anyone targeting overseas markets knows how important correct translation of their marketing collateral and company profile is. However, using the services of a translator or interpreter can be tricky. There is nothing worse than using a translator for your overseas campaign and getting your message mixed up. We have all seen examples like these before:… Continue reading Choosing the right translator for your overseas campaign

Search Marketing 101

For decades, companies have strived to find the most effective ways of promoting their goods and services to potential customers. For the most part that has meant advertising, but no matter how well targeted a traditional advertising campaign is, it will still be wasted on large numbers of people who really aren’t in the market… Continue reading Search Marketing 101

Retail Research

If your approach to market research is casual or haphazard, you’ll probably get a matching result. Rob Hall explains how well-designed and targeted research is valuable but not necessarily expensive. Successful retailers don’t get there by accident or luck, they are successful because they study and understand the needs of their customers. This has been… Continue reading Retail Research