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Should you ask for referrals?

Brad Callaughan blogs about the right way to ask for customer referrals.

“There’s no harm in discussing your services with client or customers. Constructive criticism is a fantastic way for you to see how your clients feel about your services, because they’re the people that are talking about your business…”

Tech Trends for 2009

Technology is constantly changing with new trends emerging almost every day. 2008 saw an emphasis on the convergence of PC and mobile phone technologies with the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry Bold. So what does 2009 hold? GeekIT Group expert Mary Henderson looks at what was big in 2008, and predicts what some of the… Continue reading Tech Trends for 2009

The Brains Behind NSW Exports

More than just the sparkling image of Sydney Harbour, New South Wales is a state also characterised by its resources and innovation. The Sydney skyline-featuring the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Centrepoint Tower-is as much an icon for Australia as it is for New South Wales’ capital city. Surprisingly, however, tourism doesn’t even rate in… Continue reading The Brains Behind NSW Exports