4 tips to re-energise your workforce as pandemic fatigue takes a toll

Image credit: Tim Gouw

Business leaders should try these tips to help re-energise teams, boost morale, and help avoid burnout…

Three ways to ensure your employees work safely from home

Image credit: Marga Santoso

When a pandemic effects a revolution, by making remote work common, employers must re-think their approach. They have to answer this question: How do you ensure a safe place of work when that place is an employee’s home?
Here are three practical suggestions.

Anxiety at work estimated to cost businesses 100,000 hours of lost time

Dynamic business revisit this highly relevant piece written by Mike Lowry, founder and CEO of XVenture, renowned for his unconventional and passionate approach in creating cutting-edge individual and team development and performance programmes globally. I received a call from a CEO overseas who had slipped into a very dark place. He had acknowledged that his levels… Continue reading Anxiety at work estimated to cost businesses 100,000 hours of lost time

Combatting work stress

Byline: Amanda Gordon, Director of Armchair Psychology Work stress is inevitable, right?  We need some stress or we’d find a way to play solitaire all day when no-one is looking.  When the stress comes from internal sources (the things we say to ourselves to ensure we stay on track) e.g. “I like what I am doing… Continue reading Combatting work stress

Surviving workplace bullying: 5 steps to success

I’m a former victim of extreme workplace bullying. For more than three years, I worked in the global resources industry in Australia, running health and well-being programs and striving to create safe, healthy and productive work environments for a mostly-male workforce. To anyone looking in from the outside, it would have seemed I was powering… Continue reading Surviving workplace bullying: 5 steps to success