Labor calls on federal government to ‘urgently’ develop national ransomware strategy as cyber attacks increase

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Shadow Assistant Minister for Cybersecurity Tim Watts and Shadow Home Affairs Minister Kristina Keneally are calling on the federal government to develop a national ransomware strategy that will make Australian targets less appealing to cyber criminals.

Is your business ready for a data breach? Here’s what you should know

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Hacking and data breaches have become increasingly common for business owners and leaders. Here’s what you need to know…

Q&A: Cybersecurity and how to lower the risk to your business

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We sat down with Scott McKinnel, a manager at international cybersecurity company Tenable, to discuss the cyber threats putting businesses at risk and what can be done to crack down on these vulnerabilities.

Does a passwordless future ensure effective cybersecurity?

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Let’s be frank—passwords are still the bane of our online existence. They’re living fossils, throwbacks to a time when a secret string of characters was the only thing available to secure accounts. Thankfully, there are now secure and easy to use authentication options which let organisations relegate passwords to computing’s Jurassic era. We’ve all been there. Staring… Continue reading Does a passwordless future ensure effective cybersecurity?

Data breach: plugging a hole to save your company’s skin

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only seen us change our ways of working. Cybercriminals have adjusted the way they work, intensifying their focus on low-hanging fruit like the ‘quick fixes’ many organisations implemented to support employees working remotely. According to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), the number of data breach notifications attributed to ransomware… Continue reading Data breach: plugging a hole to save your company’s skin

How to survive in the age of crises

No matter the crisis, belated planning is a recipe for disaster. Crisis and business continuity teams won’t have sufficient time to revisit untested plans, let alone build new ones from scratch.  Instead, companies should start putting plans and playbooks in place to manage the effects of disruptive incidents, especially those most likely to occur in… Continue reading How to survive in the age of crises