Cutting Edge – Jamie Carroll

Cutting hair has come a long way from the days of a short back and sides – Cameron Bayley talks to an award-winning hairdresser who learnt some important lessons about teamwork on an outback shearing station, and has since figured out a lot about how to maximise his operation.

The Divorce Business

Divorce statistics that read like an epidemic have encouraged a growing services industry to cater for it. Rebecca Spicer talks to a woman who’s taken advantage of this trend and, with some clever marketing, is making a success of her online business.

Designer Hero

Entrepreneurial flair is writ large in the Export Council of Australia’s Export Heroes Awards, a hall of fame celebrating those who have made extraordinary contributions to the development of a uniquely Australian export culture. Monica Higgins talks to one such winner—Professor Philip Cox, founding director of the Cox Group of architects, who was named an… Continue reading Designer Hero